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Re: A simple unified 3d model

If we had it as a sphere with each radius (reality) tending to infinity with each radial point on it's infinite surface also being infinite, we'd have an infinite can of worms. Add to this an infinite number of rooms infinitely connecting to each radius via an infinite number of keys and an infinite number of copies of the known room objects on each reality... can someone do the math?

One thing is for sure, the key exists in all realities whether the room exists, existed or never existed, therefore the key is as infinite as the realities. The same goes for the copies of room 10, it will also be infinite as through the key the room can be opened no matter what the current reality bears room wise. So it also follows for the room objects, they will exist no matter what. My only question left is concerning the destruction of these infinite existence objects, if an object is destroyed here, then what happens to them in the other realities, are they all replaced too and by the exact same thing? I can only assume they do.


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