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The 'wrong' glasses at the end.

I know that it has already been pointed out that it's the wrong prop that is used for the glasses at the end. But my little fan-based theory that can work with this error is;
Dr. Ruber didn’t have the correct Glasses with him. They are just normal glasses. But as he says he is the profit of the objects and they will keep him safe. (I think this is him being delusional but I will run with it for now). Maybe he can make any object have the properties of actual objects (Perhaps not knowingly yet) for example he can make any bus ticket transport people to Gallop (or where the bus ticket is to), or as is shown in the episode any glasses will prohibit combustion.
Let me know what you think.

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Re: The 'wrong' glasses at the end.

This is possible, but entirely too speculative for my tastes. I am very partial to Ockham’s Razor: introduce as few new variables as possible.

I would like to see a theory that works very closely with what is known about the series or what is known about the real world.
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