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posticon I figured it out!!!

  Ok, here's my own idea of what caused the event to occur.

  Unbeknownst to all, in room 10 of the Sunshine Motel there existed a tiny, imperceptible tear in the fabric of reality. However, while it was most definitely a tear, it was nonetheless existing in a state of equilibrium.

  This tear hovered a few millimeters above a section of the dresser.

  The occupant, during a bout of boredom, began to engage in an activity he had created to pass the time known as "Eyeball Basketball."

  Using the watch as a make shift "hoop" he placed on the dresser, he would then attempt to toss his glass eye into the watchband enclosure from various parts of the room.

  The one time he made it, the Glass Eye came crashing down directly onto the tear in reality. This destroyed its equilibrium causing it to grow. Reality then attempted to heal itself by removing the area around the tear as well as the tear itself, thus taking the room and all within it out of standard space-time.

  This may also account for the Glass Eye being a particularly powerful object, as well as why the watch cooks eggs.

  After all, Glass Eyes and eggs are at least similar in shape and color.

All the best,

P.S. Yes i am joking. emoticon

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Re: I figured it out!!!

You had me worried for a minute. I was practically on the phone to the men in white coats.
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