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Thoughts on the Umbrella

I’m really glad Sync joined us here. Some of his ideas have caused my mind to go into creative overdrive.

I have been thinking about the umbrella. We know that it causes someone to think they know you. However, we have never really looked into what that means. If someone thinks they know you, they may also imagine some sort of relationship. Perhaps when you get someone to stand next to you with the umbrella open, you can cause them to think you are their father, or brother, or confident. If you were a spy, you might be able to make them think you are their contact. The umbrella might be the ultimate spy tool.

It would have other uses. Since it is an object, it could be opened to be used as the ultimate bullet shield. Moreover, it would be extremely dangerous to shoot at someone holding the umbrella open, since the bullets would ricochet back. If you jumped out of an airplane with the umbrella open, it might decrease your terminal velocity just enough so that you could land safely on water. It could be used as a fighting stick. It could be used as a lever to pry things open. It could be used as a brace to hold things apart. The possibilities are limitless.
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Re: Thoughts on the Umbrella

Very good point sir.
I think the effect is less then what is being proposed here because it is probably a slight since of familiarity. But this would make the best spy thing ever haha.

"All that matters, is the price. That's what nobody gets. There’s always a price to pay, for using the objects. Weather you know it or not, There's always, a price."
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