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Lost room and "His Dark Materials"

Contains spoilers on "His dark Materials" by Philip Pullman

Well, I'm reading "The Subtle Knife" in the "His Dark Materials" trilogy and a idea came to me. At one moment, towards the beginning of the book, Lyra meets a scientist, who explain to her the power of the Dust.

She explain that in her world, the Dust is called "The Shadows" and that this "Shadows" were composed of tiny elementary particles. And that they discovered that some objects was surrounded by the "Shadows" or "Dust".

Like piece of chess-board, ruller etc. Plus, that particles were conscious, they can think. They're alive.

And this books tale a story of parallel worlds... At the end of "Northern Lights", Lord Asriel open a door towards another world, and a powerful energy is spread. A gigantic demonstration of particles.

So, maybe, in Lost Room, the day of the Event, a similar power occurred somewhere. Maybe somebody opened a door towards our world. And the object in room 10, became The Objects, because the energy which is released. During the process, particles settled on the Objects, giving them their extarodinary capacities.

what do you think ?

Ok, I'm not sure if you guys catch my drift, because my english emoticon
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Re: Lost room and "His Dark Materials"

I like this theory, and I understand completely. Your English is fine. Your theory has a lot in common with one I came up with a while back.

Psychotronic Field Theory
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