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TLR Timeline

I knew about this timeline on Wikipedia, but I never read it before. It looks like nonsense to me.

Wikipedia TLR Timeline

What argument can be made that Eddie McCleister checked himself into the ward in 1961? Also, it assumes that the photo of Eddie and Mabel is a wedding picture. I don’t think that can be argued convincingly either. And why do they assume that the Conroy experiment was an attempt to “replicate the Event”? Is that something Jennifer Bloom says while reviewing the film?

It seems that a lot of TLR demythologizing is in order.
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Re: TLR Timeline

I totally agree. When I read this there seemed to be a whole lot of conclusions drawn with no backup.

We don't know when Eddie exited the room first, or when he finally entered the sanitarium, or the circumstances of his photo with Mabel, or what he did between Event and the Conroy Experiment.

We still don't know the ultimate intention of the Conroy Experiment, and may never know unless there is an object with true time travel powers. But they used Objects which are now called dormant. Who knows what knowledge they had that has been lost? And maybe they had multiple or contradicting objectives for the Experiment?

I think some people are possibly confusing the Event with the Experiment.
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