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Revere 88

I did not see a thread on the film camera so
I'm putting it here until someone points in the right direction.

Ok, the Revere 88 normally come stock with tiny black lens.
The Revere 88 in the Collectors party shots is longer and shiny.
After a whole lot of searching I found the following


Vintage Wollensak Raptar 1 1/2 inch
f/3.5 Cine Telephoto Lens.

I did some ratio Photoshop comparisons and it is the one.
Further Revere was bought by Wollensak during, say the words the 60s. I had a Wollensak tape recorder in the early 70s and must people considered them a cheap unit. But it seems that that was just a sideline, the major part of the company was optics and pretty good optics, military grade. Did not know that.

So you want your camera to look cool find the Raptar it thread smoothly into the Revere body.

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