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There's more than one room.

Okay, so I just realized I didn't understand this fully.

I thought, okay, so now there's one room where Anna pulled the sheets off the bed and other rooms where the sheets are NOT pulled off the bed.

But that doesn't work. Only the room would be duplicated, since the sheets are objects, the objects are NOT duplicated. No matter how many rooms, there is only one of each object.

When the room is reset, the object returns to it's original location. THAT is why the sheets get back on the bed. Not multiple sets of sheets.

So this probably doesn't come as news to some people. Just pointing it out in case others thought the way I did.

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Re: There's more than one room.

Yes, you are right. But as Eddie was the one saying 'there is more than one room' we have to assume there is more to this fact, that it is not that simple.

Maybe the Objects become part of the Room and are transfered to all incarnations of the Room when present,

or the actual 'room' is not the motel room itself, it´s some slot in time and space continuum, which seizes to exist when no-one is observing it.

But my favourite conclusion on this is this:

Things and people fall into this odd space in between when 'locked' in without the key. It´s like the Room is a train and all The Objects have a seating ticket. The items with no seat, will be left outside the train.

and to push this allegory further, the Occupant is the conductor, having power upon his will to -remove passengers from the train, -stop the train and pick up people left on the last station, allocate seats and -if he wants to- stop the entire train.

think about that

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