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posticon How To build a Better Mousetrap Video

Hi everyone ! I asked Chris about the "How To Build a Better Mousetrap" video that is briefly seen on the tv in Karl's home (Issac is watching it) and if we could have it to share...and here it is with a little info from Chris:

You can find the Mousetrap cartoon here:

How To Build A Better Mousetrap
Just right click and pick "save as"

This is the VOB file from the DVD, which means it's MPEG-2 or something. It's playable on my Windows Media Player, and you should be able to burn it to DVD without needing to transcode it. All the rights to this film belong to me, so as far as I'm concerned you guys can share this and burn it to DVD until the cows come home, just so long as it stays not-for-profit of course. Although if anyone thinks they can make a million dollars off selling this on DVD, let me know and I'll go halfsies. - Chris.

Enjoy everyone ! remember it is a big file ( 79.3 MB ) so you will need high-speed internet to download it.

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Re: How To build a Better Mousetrap Video

When I play it, it has only sound..

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