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Hello and welcome to The Collectors, a fan forum devoted to the SciFi series The Lost Room.
Here we enjoy discussing the series, sharing our theories and tracking down the Objects for our own collections. We're a very friendly bunch so please introduce yourself and jump on into the conversations.
One thing we pride ourselves on is the sharing of finds on Ebay and elsewhere. Some of our members even make some of the Objects themselves so if there's something you're looking for we have an area to post your requests. If you come across something you're not interested in but someone else might like, the clock for example, please post an announcement so another member can try for it.
We do try to avoid bidding against each other. If you find something you want to bid on you can either place a bid or announce your intention to bid here. This might be a good way to go if you intend to bid at the last minute. Also, it's helpful if you give your Ebay user name in your introduction.
Again, we welcome you to our Cabal.

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The Collectors is a cabal of fans of the SciFi series "The Lost Room" who want you to join our cause
and search for The Objects, discuss the series and show off your own collection plus help others
with their collection and remember....... some forums are better left closed.