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The Rabbit’s Foot

The Rabbit’s Foot

classification: paulesque

(behind the scenes image contributed by jess)

(behind the scenes image contributed by Jess)

(behind the scenes image contributed by jess)

(collection of Spikosauropod)

The Rabbit’s Foot appears in The Eye and the Prime Object. It is barely visible in one of the clear cylinders when Karl Kreutzfeld and Joe Miller enter the vault.

The powers of The Rabbit’s Foot, if they exist, are completely unknown*.

The Rabbit’s Foot is a typical natural white rabbit’s foot. The chain and ferrule are silver and the ferrule appears to be crimped into a square pattern.

Useful eBay search terms:

rabbit foot

The most difficult aspect of collecting The Rabbit’s Foot is that very few sellers offer just one. Occasionally, a collector will buy them as a lot and act as distributor to other collectors.

WARNING: The Rabbit’s Foot is an actual foot from a rabbit. If you have a low “ick” quotient, you may wish to forgo this item.


*Presumably, when carried on one’s person, The Rabbit’s Foot brings increased fortune.

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