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The Shot Glass

The Shot Glass

classification: paulian

(behind the scenes image contributed by jess)


(collection of Spikosauropod)

The Shot Glass appears in The Comb and the Box when Dr. Martin Ruber is indoctrinated into the Order of the Reunification. It is one of the objects on the lighted table in the Order temple.

The powers of The Shot Glass, if they exist, are completely unknown.

The Shot Glass is a hand made depression era sipping glass. For more information on depression glass see the Wikipedia entry. This particular style is referred to as “raindrops” and is attributed to the Federal Glass Company. It is also described as pebble optic, thumbprint optic, polka dot optic, teardrop optic, and a variety of other names (probably the result of accumulated error and unrestrained imagination).

Useful eBay search terms:

raindrop shot glass
dot optic shot glass
federal raindrop
pebble shot glass
thumbprint shot glass
drop shot glass
depression shot glass

Shot glasses show up about every two months. They tend to be sold in collections of from two to twelve glasses. When they come in collections, the usual practice is for one collector to buy the collection and act as distributor.

These glasses come in two distinct sizes: slightly under 2 inches in height and slightly over 2 inches in height. Most collectors prefer the larger size. Also the larger size seems to conform better to the glass in the miniseries. If the size is not given or the specifications are vague, it is a good idea to ask the seller to provide specific measurements.

There is a test that can be conducted to get an immediate estimate of the size. The smaller size tends to have 7 levels of dimples, while the larger size tends to have 9 or 10. Compare the shot glass to this chart that has three of the larger size followed by two of the smaller:


This test is NOT 100% reliable.

How to Ship a Shot Glass

Use a square piece of bubble wrap:


Roll snugly, but not tightly, then tape:


Tape both ends over:


Fit snugly but not tightly into a fairly stiff PVC cup:


Use tape as spokes. The tape strips must be taut:


Circle the rim with tape to secure:


Place in a box with plenty of room in every direction and fill the surrounding space with Styrofoam popcorn:

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