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Deck of cards

I am looking for the deck of cards.

I have read the various posts about the deck of cards and it being an arrco redi deck of cards with a red case. Any information will be greatly appriciated. I have checked on ebay and the only thing I can find are canasta ones.
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Re: Deck of cards

You want a set of poker sized cards, these will do nicely:

Arrco Cards

a pic:


then you want a box of "remembrance redi-slip" cards that come in the gray box:

Redi-Slip box

a pic:


then all you have to do is put the arrco cards in the redislip box, attach the joker to the outside and blammo ! you have a deck of cards.

if you want the case for them, get a tandy 4119 cigarette case and put it together as told in this post:

Card Case Post

that should set you up nicely !! you should step on over to The Motel and introduce yourself !!

Welcome to The Collectors !!

Chuckles emoticon

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