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Observations about the Process of Collecting Objects

This is off-topic, but not entirely.

As a result of my involvement in this group, I have made some remarkable observations about the effect of the internet on human productivity. When one of us makes a discovery, everyone instantly benefits from it. I have the shaving brush and binoculars because of the crystal clear images that G-man has produced and because of the pattern recognition of some of our members. Many of us have the radio and other items because of Chuckles’ investigative skills. Others have the comb and Redi-Slip cards because of my own investigative skills. Most of us have the cigarettes, matches, and pen because of Paul’s inventiveness and talent.

We are competitive, but always in a constructive manner. We are determined to be the first one or the next one to secure the scissors or the flask, but we never bid against each other. Consequently, while we may search for months to find just one example of a particular item, and everyone is envious of the person who finds it, we end up buying it for less than it is worth as a vintage collectable—never mind what it is worth to us as object collectors. Also, we caution each other against pitfalls like buying the wrong color or the wrong size. Consequently, most of our investments are beneficial.

It occurs to me that our behavior as a group is a microcosm of how technology and science must be moving in general. Computer scientists, physicists, chemists, biologists, engineers, and countless other technological professionals must be having a similar experience. The ideas and insights must be flying back and forth across the world with the same startling ferocity. As the ability to share images and other information improves the process will become increasingly efficient.

The most interesting thing about this observation is that it was the experience of doing something that many people might consider a waste of time that made me realize the global implications. A sociologist that just happened to tune into our little forum might be led to a similar conclusion. Whatever it is that we are accomplishing, it is a model of human enterprise at its best.
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