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Greetings to all of you !

   I' ve watched the Lost Room 3 times already first time in 2015, than in 2018 and this year the third time. I knew about this forum and I thought that would nit be a bad ideea for me to register myself.
   I was supprised that this forum still exist, I wonder if you tried to speak to Netflix to make another season, because it's clear that The Lost Room has a big comunity, and is now almost a cult movie.
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Re: Greetings to all of you !

I apologize that no one was here to greet you. With the miniseries so far behind us, our forum has become something of a ghost town.

Both we and the original writers have tried to revive this miniseries in many ways. The writers nearly created a comic book series. Alas, it has all been for naught.

Elle fanning, a young child in the series, is a tall beautiful woman now. I use her as a kind of meter for how long it has been:

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