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The Library - Collectors Forum Index - Hyperlink list

This is not by far a complete list of the forum content.
I have highlighted interesting topics, relative data and other links I think need to be collected somewhere.

Suggested reading in red

Your TLR knowledge Library

] The Lost Room Facts and FAQ with Answers

Articles, Interviews and News

,offset=0#post16679] Hyperlink to the Articles, Interviews and News Listing

Behind the Scenes

] Set Locations - Exyooper's Filming Sites List with googlemaps images
] Lost Room Scripts, Promotional videos and other related documents
] The Sood - Behind the Scenes & Set Images
] How to build a better mousetrap -video
] The Care and Use of the Key

Catalogues, Documents & Wikipages

] Spikosaur's Object Catalogue
] Cattrina's Catalogue
] Mr. Liver´s printable Object catalogue
] Cap tacular - Lost Room screencaptures
] The Lost Room Wikipedia page
] Objects from the Lost Room wikipedia page

Beginner's info to the forum

] Motel Room - Welcome to the cabal
] Instructions for posting images and links
] Learn how to use Runboard, beginners FAQ
] BBCoding - image and text formatting guide

Get to know the fellow members

] The Vault - See what collections others have, list your own
] Chucklbunny - the founder of this forum
] Thread to list your MySpace accounts
] How did you find the forum?
] Motel Room - The Collectors Gallery - what does everyone look like?

Get to know the Creators, the Cast and the Crew

] gfxguy - Steven Maes - Graphic Designer
] APQPROPGUY - Jess Coffer a set dresser - our source for photographs from the set
] imdb - TLR Cast & Crew list
] Online images of writers and celebrities

Begin collecting

Getting to know the Object Props and talk about them

#post15643] Learn what is and what is not an Object - Object Entities List & Object Count

] The Susie Kang - Discussion about the Object Canonity, Catalogues
] The Sood - Behind the scenes database & talk
] Object locations & Room map
,offset=20#post19999] Object locations tablemap of the Collectors meeting

Guides and Vocabulary

] The Order - Vocabulary
] Motel Room - Register your eBay code name
] eBay policy of bidding
] eBay search criteria tips

Get help, notify others of ongoing auctions and learn what is new about Canon Object Props

] The Legion - Keep up with finding the props, awaken others about open auctions
] Object Angels - Your senior members who help you find the Props

How-to guides, arts & crafts

] Lost Room font discussion
] Free paper props & labels - templates for making the props yourself
#post17394] Room 10 door numbers

Trading Lost Room Props
,offset=0#post16681] Lost Room Props Tading House - hyperlink list

The Collector´s Favourite Sites

] External links listing by Spikosauropod
] The Prop Replica Forum
] [sign in to see URL]
] [sign in to see URL] - display stands
] [sign in to see URL]

Shop Fan Items

] [sign in to see URL] - The Lost Room DVD
] Cattrina's Choice Gift Shop - Object related puns etc.
] The Collectors CafePress gift shop - Sunshine Motel logo items

Meditated theories (fan science)

] Observations about the Process of Collecting Objects - Spikosauropod
] Collected Theories about the Objects and the Event - Spikosauropod
] How to define what is an Object - Cattrina
] About the door orientation (reversed hinges) - discussion
,offset=0#post17580] The "Resonating Universe" Theory

Fan Fiction & Fan Art

,offset=0#post16678] Hyperlink to the Fan Fiction & Fan Art Listing

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Collector's Forum Hyperlink List TLR FACTS&FAQ
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Cattrina Profile
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Registered: 11-2008
Location: Finland
Posts: 1449
Re: Collectors Forum Index - Hyperlink list

Comments, additions, questions, critique about the index?

They are all welcomed! Post your suggestions here:


Collector's Forum Hyperlink List TLR FACTS&FAQ
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